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Over the years there has been various incarnations of this website. The first time we (With my good friend The Ever-LovinBlue-Eyed Thing err. I mean MaddMozz) put this site up, way back in 1999 was by far the most popular and that site was showing off the artwork of Charlee Flatt. We are taking a back to basics approach and re-launching dedicating this site back to Charlee.

From the very first time I saw and owned one of Charlees masterpieces (Flatt Figures) I fell in love. If i remember correctly I think I bought a Daredevil and a Black Panther. The craziest thing was I was not a mego guy. There were a few megos I did like and to this day I still like them, I believe the Thing is one of the best megos out there, I also believe the Mr Fantastic sculpt is a great sculpt. Superman and Batman I also am pretty fond of. But, for the most part I never collected them hardcore. or any core for that matter.

However, I fell in absolute love with Charlees Art. To this day, owning a “Flatt”, is one of the best toy experiences I have ever had. I have never been able to replicate this feeling with any other toy/action figure.

Consequently, it went beyond that. I believe the 8 inch action figures that Charlee makes is no longer a toy but they bridge that gap into Art.

We have so much to show and tell you guys. I am working side by side with Charlee to show you the newest stuff he has to offer. and ALOT of older stuff too.

Come back soon.



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