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Over the years there has been various incarnations of this website. The first time we (With my good friend The Ever-LovinBlue-Eyed Thing err. I mean MaddMozz) put this site up, way back in 1999 was by far the most popular and that site was showing off the artwork of Charlee Flatt. We are taking a back to basics approach and re-launching dedicating this site back to Charlee.

From the very first time I saw and owned one of Charlees masterpieces (Flatt Figures) I fell in love. If i remember correctly I think I bought a Daredevil and a Black Panther. The craziest thing was I was not a mego guy. There were a few megos I did like and to this day I still like them, I believe the Thing is one of the best megos out there, I also believe the Mr Fantastic sculpt is a great sculpt. Superman and Batman I also am pretty fond of. But, for the most part I never collected them hardcore. or any core for that matter.

However, I fell in absolute love with Charlees Art. To this day, owning a “Flatt”, is one of the best toy experiences I have ever had. I have never been able to replicate this feeling with any other toy/action figure.

Consequently, it went beyond that. I believe the 8 inch action figures that Charlee makes is no longer a toy but they bridge that gap into Art.

We have so much to show and tell you guys. I am working side by side with Charlee to show you the newest stuff he has to offer. and ALOT of older stuff too.

Come back soon.



Article from 1997 and the Toyfare magazine homemade heroes article.

A really cool find that Charlee sent to me awhile ago was a newspaper article from 1997 to post on the site. I Tried to clean up the article as it was very very old, lots of folds and creases as well as general wear and tear, I think it came out pretty good. Read it here

I also added the Toyfare magazine homemade heroes article, which you can download and read here


The two warbees pictured were a special project that took well over a year, the results of this finished prototype all done and sculpted by Charlee Flatt! It turned out Tremendous. Everything from the gun, to the wings, were hand sculpted by Mr. Flatt. To see these prototype figures in person was breathtaking and such an accomplishment for Charlee. Many thanks go out to our friends at Affable Entertainment for letting us share these photos. ***UPDATE 11/25/2019*** 21 more Warbee Photos added in his own Photo Gallery in the navigation menu.

Megomeet 2018 Display

Prototype Bela Lugosi and B Natural Toys sign From Megomeet 2018

Deadpool says welcome to megomeet 2018!!

Some new pics before Mego Meet 2018