Mego Meet 2018 Highlights


05/31/2018  It is the Thursday night before megomeet and I had a chance to catch up to John Farley (Type3Toys) and purchased my first killer figure of the meet. I am absolutely in love with his Mummy and Sarcophagus. See attached pictures. Bear with me as i do not have a proper photo box with me and just kinda improvising.  I am just blown away by this figure.

I was also able to take some quick shots of some of Type3Toys other figures. See below for pics, the cool thing is there have been numerous improvements to various aspects of his custom made body. For example, Spider-Mans legs are thinner and just plain better.

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06/01/2018 : Knee deep in Megomeet , multiple pages so keep checking back.

Random Ax is right behind us, enjoy the pics.